Adolpf- Received just know your very thoughtful Christmas hamper to enrich our  joy during this yuletide and Aunty joins me to wish you all the best during this season and the coming year will be full of joy happiness and prosperity we are fine.

Arjun ShettyNot only are the products exceptional but it's also satisfying to know that we as consumers are playing a small part in encouraging and empowering such gifted individuals. The inclusiveness exhibited by Speshally is really commendable. Thankyou Speshally for the fulfilling experience and moreover for bringing wonderful abilities to the fore.

Rohit Mathias- They make the best products and moreover made by the best people. I placed an order for candles and received it within a day's time.The product was well packed and all were very glad seeing quality of it. Thanks to Rolif and his team of hardworking superstars ❤️

Comrade Sonu-  Exceptional service by Speshally NHS Pvt Ltd! Dedicated to enhancing the well-being of every individual. The team is highly skilled and compassionate. Proud to be associated with a company that truly cares about its clients. Thank you speshally NHS pvt Ltd

Vijay Parchure-  Purchased Christmas Keepsakes Hamper today. Liked the gift hamper and the assortment. It is perfect for gifting on the occasion of ChristmasAll the creative items(diy kit, sweet, Christmas accessories) included add to the joy of occasion. Much respect to the specially abled people who made these handicraft items and also to Mr. Rolif who gave them opportunity to showcase their art.

Snadden Braganza- Great company with hardworking and dedicated people . They provide good opportunity for specially abled people to live their dreams . The also have a variety of products which are also very good . So don't hesitate to get one of the products and try it out . Good job guys.

Joe Fernandas-  Your commitment to empower differently abled individuals is inspiring. Your work creates opportunities, breaks barriers, and fosters inclusivity. Thank you for championing rights and reshaping perspectives. Your dedication changes lives and paves the way for a more equitable society. Thank you for being a model to us. 
 Parish PriestSPESHALLY is a groundbreaking company dedicated to empowering specially-abled individuals. A Family, Not Just a Workplace: SPESHALLY is more than a company; it's a family where each individual is respected and valued, breaking down societal barriers.
Crissels NunesLove the Christmas packages that have been curated and put together by the Specially abled... Beautiful initiative

Karan Shirsekar

Karan is our inhouse expert in making books and other stationary items. While has a no vision in his right eye and limited visibility in his left eye, he uses his sense of touch to make beautiful products for you.

Apart from making books, he manages our inventory and attends pop ups.

Natasha Jackson

Natasha is our magical candle maker.. While she has Dyslexia, she doesn't let that come in her way of making outstanding candles of different shapes, colors and fragrances.

Apart from making candles, she manages administration of our offices and attends pop ups.

Hansel D'souza

Hansel is our happiness generator! He joined us a few months ago and is spreading cheers everyday. While he has Down Syndrome, he doesn't let that stop him from making beautiful drawings, which he is proud to display when anyone visits us.

Shubham Ghevade

Shubham is our inhouse social media expert. He loves photography, making videos and creating content that people love. While he has low vision, he doesn't let that come in the way of creating some really good content for all to see.

Vicky Darji

Vicky is our Pop-up expert, he wins hearts everywhere he goes. He is visually impaired, but doesn't let that stop him from traveling all over Mumbai by himself, speaking about our products and what we do.

Apart from pop-ups, Vicky does tele-sales and uses technology to use computers and keep track of all calls