Recruitment & Placements

‘Bridging the Opportunity Gap by Promoting Hiring & Inclusion for All’

Are you interested in recruiting people with disabilities, but do not know where to start? Or are you already working with some partners, but need more support?

You have come to the right place! 

Speshally is your recruitment partner that helps you find the best candidate for your open positions. 

What sets us apart, is that we look for 'regular' people along with persons with disabilities, to ensure you can close the hiring process as quickly as possible. You are not obliged to hire people with disabilities, but can look at all the profiles and make the best choice for your business. 

There are many benefits of hiring persons with disabilities and improving diversity in your organization. Some of them include improved innovation, better team engagement, improved customer service, higher retention and positive image before your clients and customers.

Speshally partners with institutions around the country, and has built a strong database of candidates of people with disabilities. Our database is constantly being updated and refreshed to ensure we can meet your needs quickly. 

 If you are interested in working with Speshally, send us an email at or call or msg this number: +91 8591492010



Karan Shirsekar

Karan is our inhouse expert in making books and other stationary items. While has a no vision in his right eye and limited visibility in his left eye, he uses his sense of touch to make beautiful products for you.

Apart from making books, he manages our inventory and attends pop ups.

Natasha Jackson

Natasha is our magical candle maker.. While she has Dyslexia, she doesn't let that come in her way of making outstanding candles of different shapes, colors and fragrances.

Apart from making candles, she manages administration of our offices and attends pop ups.

Hansel D'souza

Hansel is our happiness generator! He joined us a few months ago and is spreading cheers everyday. While he has Down Syndrome, he doesn't let that stop him from making beautiful drawings, which he is proud to display when anyone visits us.

Shubham Ghevade

Shubham is our inhouse social media expert. He loves photography, making videos and creating content that people love. While he has low vision, he doesn't let that come in the way of creating some really good content for all to see.

Vicky Darji

Vicky is our Pop-up expert, he wins hearts everywhere he goes. He is visually impaired, but doesn't let that stop him from traveling all over Mumbai by himself, speaking about our products and what we do.

Apart from pop-ups, Vicky does tele-sales and uses technology to use computers and keep track of all calls